Module 1.0 Gear Rack - Internal


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The Internal Gear Rack is designed to slide inside the channel of our V-Slot Linear Rail and works with all our different V-Slot profiles. Simply slide the gear rack into the V-Slot Channel and secure it in place using a T-Nut and Bolt-on at each end.

This Module 1.0 Internal Gear Rack was designed right here in house at Maker Store! The ends of the gear rack are specially designed so that racks can be butt joined to make long runs. With this key feature, our CNC Machines are no longer restricted by the maximum length of a lead screw. We have even used this gear rack in house with a 9-metre actuator!

The Internal Gear Rack is the perfect replacement transmission to a lead screw and nut block system or a belt and pulley system.


  • Material: Polyoxymethylene (POM), also known as Delrin
  • Gear type: Module 1.0
  • Tolerance: DIN ISO 2768 (Fine)
  • Colour: Black
  • Fixing Type: Insert

Pro Tip:

  • The Gear Rack also works with a standard 20mm profile T-Slot.
  • Butt join multiple lengths to make an actuator any size you want.
  • To avoid dust and other materials from getting in-between the teeth of the rack, mount the rack facing down

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